Change of Address Checklist - moving house address change checklist

Change of Address Checklist

The thought of moving elsewhere can be exciting, but there are a million things to do before you can call your new place your ‘home sweet home’.

Aside from planning your move months ahead of your relocation date, you need to go over the fine points of your moving to-do list and ensure you’ve got everything covered. This includes finding reliable removalists in Western Australia, decluttering, packing and cleaning.

However, there’s one other important to-do list you must stay on top of: your change of address checklist. This checklist is a requirement when moving in Australia. It ensures any correspondence, subscriptions and other documents or concerns will reach you even after you’ve vacated your old home.

But you might be wondering why you need a moving house address change checklist. Isn’t it enough to let your family and friends know about your new address?

The answer: no.

There’s actually a good, long list of companies and other establishments you need to keep in the loop with regard to your move. Therefore, having an organised change of address list is essential. This way, you can avoid missed bills, late payment penalties, service lapses and other possible inconveniences – just because you didn’t leave a forwarding address.

If you’re not sure who to include in or how to create a change of address checklist, below is a handy guide you could use. This change of address list when moving house is designed to make it easier for you to handle this task.

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Who Needs to Know When You Move?

When you’re caught up in the middle of a house move, it’s easy to overlook the importance of informing certain people about your impending relocation and change of address.

Aside from informing your family and friends about your upcoming move, there are two other people that absolutely must know about your intent months prior to your residential move. These are:

  • Your employer: Unless the reason why you’re moving is because you’ve been assigned to a different branch of your company, you should let your employer know about your planned relocation. In general, it’s considered good practice to give a month’s notice if you’ll be resigning from your post. This will give your employer ample time to find a suitable replacement. This way, you won’t be held up with delays in paperwork and clearances just because you left your formal resignation to the last minute. Also, it’s a professional way of leaving your current company whilst maintaining their goodwill. Besides, your old employer will need to know your new address so they can forward your tax documents and insurance information by year’s end.
  • Your company’s HR department: It is also important to inform your HR department of your move, even if it is just a change of address. This will ensure that your tax forms, pay slips, and other important documents are sent to the correct address.
  • Your landlord: If you’ve been living in a rental home, it’s advisable to go over your lease agreement to check your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. In all probability, you may need to notify your landlord about your upcoming move at least 30 days prior to your move-out date. Make it official by putting your notice in writing, clearly stating the date of your move and new address. Also, say something positive about the property you are leaving and your experience there. Don’t forget to ask for your security deposit back, too.

Of course, aside from the above people, there are several establishments you also need to get in touch with prior to your move.

Printable Change of Address Checklist

To help you stay on track with your removals and storage project, such as your boat storage or caravan storage in Perth, etc. and updating all the necessary institutions, here’s a printable change of address checklist you can download and use for ticking off each item on your comprehensive checklist.

By using this change of address checklist, you know you won’t be missing anyone and can focus on enjoying a smooth relocation to your new place.

➜ Click here to download our Printable Change of address Checklist

1. Local or National Government Agencies

Aside from letting your relatives and friends know about your move, there are government establishments that should know about your change of address in Australia.

  • Australian Taxation Office: Your tax information is basic data you need to update. This includes updating your tax address through the Australian Taxation Office website.
  • Australia Electoral Commission: When you move, you and other household or family members moving with you have to re-register for your change of address or update your details online on the Australia Electoral Commission website.
  • Services Australia: If you or any household member is receiving pension from the government, make sure you update your details through the Australian Government’s Services Australia website. In case someone in your family is already receiving their superannuation benefits, they also need to inform the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation. Aside from going online, you may also call the relevant helpline to get assistance. Doing this ensures you continue receiving your pension or super without any interruption.

Other organisations or memberships you need to inform about your new address may include the following:

  • Australian Seniors Card
  • Concession cards
  • Donate Life
  • Human Services: Centrelink, Medicare, Child Support Agency
  • Library
  • National Cancer Screening Register
  • Pap Test Register
  • Rego Check Australia
  • Veterans’ Affairs

In certain areas, it’s mandatory to register your pets with the local council. In case you move, you must make sure to update the registered address of your pet.

2. Health and Recreational Memberships

If you are a member of a health club, gym, golfing, yachting or any kind of recreational organisation, make time to cancel your subscriptions or memberships. This is particularly important if you are moving interstate, overseas or to a new neighbourhood that’s too far from these facilities.

  • Gyms
  • Health clubs
  • Newspaper and magazine subscriptions
  • Social clubs or societies
  • Alumni Associations
  • Professional Organisations

You can just update them with your new address and contact details. You may simply drop by to personally inform them of your impending move or give them a call before your relocation date.

3. Communication Service Providers

To ensure you have all your communication services ready in your home and to stop billings in your old place, it’s important to take care of the following before your move.

  • Broadband: For uninterrupted broadband service, it makes sense to cancel your broadband subscription and get a new one before moving to your new place. If your internet provider also services your new neighbourhood, you may check if they can simply transfer the service to your new home. Whichever option will work for you, make sure you visit or call them about your address change.
  • Cable or satellite: You may cancel these services or get these transferred to your new address. However, before doing that, make sure you enquire about these services in your new place first to ascertain if they are available or not.
  • Phone: If you’re moving interstate or to a new neighbourhood with a different area code, you should let your phone company know about your new address so they can issue you a new phone number for your landline. This service may be done when you update your broadband details. You also need to inform your mobile service provider about your new address to ensure they route your bills to the right place.

4. Subscriptions

The subscription model has quite literally conquered Australian households and chances are that you have a couple of them too. Subscriptions are convenient and you don’t have to worry about them. The gift that just keeps on giving. The typical Australian household is subscribed to a number of different subscriptions. TV, streaming, music and gaming subscriptions make up the vast majority, but many people have also adopted newspaper and magazine subscriptions, meal prep subscriptions, coffee subscriptions and subscription boxes for all kinds of things, such as beauty, fashion, shaving – you name it. So, don’t forget to make a list of all your subscriptions and to give ample notice to all subscription providers before your move. Perhaps, it will also be a good time to reassess whether you really need all of the subscriptions you have.

5. Utility Providers

As you’re planning your move, it’s crucial to address the “moving into a new home utilities” concern by ensuring that your utility services are scheduled to be activated in your new residence. Aside from severing ties with the utilities at your old place, you should pre-emptively reach out to the new service providers. Doing this a few weeks before your move can significantly minimise stress, allowing you to focus on settling into your new home with all the essential services up and running.

  • Electricity: Update your energy provider about your new address so you’ll know right away if you need to cancel or continue the service. Note that it usually takes them 48 hours to update customer information.
  • Gas: Make sure your gas provider is informed of your relocation schedule and get a reading on your last day so you’ll only be charged for what you used.
  • Water: Letting your water provider know about your move is crucial so you won’t be charged after you’ve vacated your old home.
  • Mail redirection service: Let Australia Post know when you are shifting to a new place so they can redirect your mail to the right address. Try to arrange this as early as you can (about three months prior to your move) to avoid hassles in the future.

You also have to stay on top of all vehicle-related updates on your documents, registration papers and identification cards.

  • Car insurance: Let your car insurance provider know about your new address to arrange your insurance payments and contact information. You may expect a change in your premiums, as rates are based on where you live.
  • Driving licence: Attend to this as soon as possible. You can do this online, depending on the issuing state or territory where you are registered. Update your details and expect to receive an updated driving licence within two to four weeks.
  • Vehicle breakdown cover: Inform your provider via a phone call or online so they know where they need to cover you in case you experience a vehicle breakdown.

7. School or University

If you have school-going children or kids attending university, let their education providers know about your most current contact information – even if it means you’re only moving a few blocks away from your previous address.

Also, let your children’s sports teams, music classes, or scout troops know about your new address.

8. Healthcare Services

When your new address is in a different state or too far away from your old neighbourhood, you may need to change doctors, too.

Let your physician know about your move so they can recommend a doctor in your new place. If you are fine with it, your doctor can then forward your medical data to the new doctor. You’ll need to do the same for your:

  • Dentist
  • Obstetrician and gynaecologist
  • Opticians
  • Vet

9. Insurance Providers

Since most insurers refer to your state or postcode when calculating your premiums, it’s essential to let them know about your change of address. But even if they don’t base your cover on your address, you still need to update your details so they have the required information for your claims or bills.

Depending on the kinds of insurance you have, you’ll need to contact your providers for the following:

  • Health Insurance
  • Home/contents Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Umbrella Insurance
  • Renter’s Insurance

You must inform your insurance provider about your change of address when moving from one rental property to another to ensure that you have uninterrupted coverage.

10. Household Services

If you hire individuals for the upkeep of your property or for any other type of personal service, make sure you inform them of your upcoming relocation and cancel their services accordingly. You have the option to continue working with them if you’re moving somewhere close.

  • Accountant or bookkeeper
  • Carpenter
  • Cleaner
  • Gardener
  • Painter
  • Solicitor

11. Financial Institutions

Keep your money matters in order by ensuring the concerned establishments have your latest contact information.

  • Bank: Make sure you visit your bank and inform them of the change, or update your details via the bank website. This way, you’ll be helping them protect you from identity theft and other spurious bank transactions.
  • Credit card and debit card providers: To ensure your credit and debit card provider has your updated contact information and you receive your bills on time, inform them of your new contact information.
  • Loan or mortgage companies: Financial transactions are sensitive by nature, so any establishment you have dealings with, including mortgage or loan providers, should have updated information on you.
  • Private pension: Just as you would need to inform Services Australia about your move if you are receiving a government pension, you should do the same if you or any family member is getting a private pension. Doing so will ensure you receive your pension on time or with minimal delays.
  • Premium bonds: It’s crucial to update your contact details for any premium bonds you’ve invested in not only because it’s standard SOP but also because you may win prizes and not even know it.
  • Store cards: Inform your favourite stores about your new address so you can keep using your store card for deliveries and continue enjoying benefits such as offers and discounts. It is also essential to notify your local supermarket’s loyalty program of any change of address, as this may impact the availability of specific offers.

12. Online Shopping & Delivery Sites

Make sure you update all information related to online purchases:

  • Online Shopping Platforms: Many retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and others typically store your address for future deliveries. To ensure seamless service, updating your new address on these platforms is vital.
  • Food Delivery Apps: To avoid any confusion or the delivery being made to the wrong location, it’s a good idea to update your address on food delivery apps like Uber Eats or DoorDash, just like platforms.

13. Emergency Contacts

Make sure you update your emergency contact information with your new address. This includes any medical alert services or security systems you have in place. Notify all your emergency contacts of any changes in address, including your family physician, employer, or anyone else you may need to contact in an emergency. Updating these details will ensure they can reach you quickly and easily if necessary.

Ways to Notify People and Establishments About Your Change of Address

Although it’s ideal to arrange everything in person, it may not be possible considering how preoccupied you will be in the months, weeks and days running up to your move-out date.

If you can, reserve personal notifications for very important establishments like the bank, your insurance provider and so on.

Other than in-person notifications, here are other fool-proof ways to notify people and establishments about your move and new address:

In using the printable change of address checklist, make sure you include the dates when you’ll actually do the notifying per person/entity, and make a note every time you accomplish a task.

Do this as early as possible so the entity you are communicating with also has enough time to acknowledge receipt of your notification.

If there are things to sort out or clarify, early notification gives you some leeway to address whatever concerns that may crop up in the process.

A house move is a major undertaking, and there are plenty of tasks you need to stay on top of. One of these crucial assignments is your change of address checklist. To avoid unnecessary stress, communicate with the above a few months or weeks ahead of your relocation date.

Happy moving!

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