Personalised Interstate Pet Transport

We make the safety and well-being of your pet our highest priority. Our interstate pet transport experts can move your pet between any two points in Australia and overseas.

Interstate Pet Transport Services

A relocation service without pet transport wouldn’t be complete and it would make your move unnecessarily complicated. Ensuring that you don’t have to deal with many different service providers, Relocations WA and our carefully vetted partners can take care of your pet transport.

The safety and comfort of your beloved animals during transit will always be the top priority of our diligent removal managers.

We love pets and we will never compromise on quality and utmost care for your professional interstate pet transport.

Trust our experts for complete peace of mind during transit of your pets.

Booking interstate pet transport with us is as easy as 1,2,3... We're all about making it as simple as possible for you. 

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Affordable Pet Transport in Australia for Your Fur-Babies

Flying pets interstate can a scary though, considering that you want your beloved family member to be safe and comfortable. But worry not! The safety and well-being before, during and after the journey is our highest priority.

Interstate Dog Transport

Interstate Dog Transport

From tiny Chihuahuas, to mid sized Collie and large Golden Retriever, Relocations WA offers an unmatched and personalised interstate dog transport service that keeps your furry friend happy, safe and comfortable at all times on their journey to be re-united with you. In addition to flying dogs interstate, we offer a full door-to-door service.   

Moving with Dogs Guide

Interstate Cat Transport

Interstate Cat Transport

Cats are prone to get stressed when moved from their home and normal surroundings. That's why we provide careful-attention to the needs of your cat before, during and after the flight. Our interstate cat transport service is organised by pet transport experts who, together with pet care assistants and veterinaries, ensure the well-being of your cat(s) at all times. 

Moving House with Cats Guide

With 50+ years of interstate removal experience and hundreds of happy pet relocation clients in Australia and around the world, we offer a professional interstate pet transport service that gives you total peace of mind.

While interstate dog and cat transport are the most common for us, we also assist in transporting other pets and animals from state-to-state, for example birds, snakes, reptiles and more...

Safe & Sound Interstate Pet Travel

Since your pet will travel a fair distance between two Australian states, it's imparative to carefullly plan the interstate pet transport ahead of time. 

What to expect from our Australian Pet Transport Service?

Firstly, when you get in touch with us, we'll ask some important questions, followed by the provision of a pet transport quote. 

Our interstate pet transport, then check flight dates and workout the best itinerary for your pet. If you and your family moves interstate along with the pet, we ensure that you're on the same flight with your pet. Our consultants also provide you with advice on how to prepare your pet. 

A door-to-door service is optional, but we can certainly arrange for pick up and drop-off at the airport. 

Whether you're moving to Perth from Melbourne or require interstate removal services in addition to Pet transport, we offer the full service and support.

Before and after the flight, your pet can rest in a transit lounge near the airport and gets to come out of the crate. Veterinary services and pet care is provided for at all times.

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Detailed Itinerary Planning

Expert Advice

Help Preparing Your Pet For The Move

Comfortable Crate for Interstate Pet Transport

Provide Comforable Travel Crate

Door to Door Interstate Pet Transport Service

Door-to-Door Pet Transport Service

Veterinary Care for Interstate Pet Transport

Veterinary Care & Assistance

Regular Interstate Pet Transport Updates

Regular Pet Travel Updates

Relocations WA Interstate Pet Transport

Frequently Asked Questions

Pets are part of your family and they deserve the best possible treatment. We completely understand that you may have concerns and questions regarding the interstate pet transport before entrusting your fur-baby to us.

Costs for interstate pet transport depend on a number of factors:

  • The size & species of your pet
  • Travel distance & flight prices
  • Special requirements & arrangements
  • Optional pick-up & drop-off service
  • Length of time your pet needs to be cared for

To give you an idea, if you are moving to Sydney from Perth, it may cost you $800 for a small dog plus boarding fees. 

➜ Access our ultimate guide on Interstate Pet Transport Prices or get in touch for a quote.

Why Choose Relocations WA for Interstate Pet Transport?

Interstate pet transport forms a vital part of our overall full-service relocation offer. What sets us apart from other companies, is our outstanding customer service. Our focus is based on personalised interstate pet transport. This means that we tailor our service to your unique requirements and needs.

Trusted Interstate Relocation Services

55+ Years Experience with Pet Transport

Yes, we've been in the business of full-service relocation, including pet transport, for a long time. Having successfully and satisfyingly transported hundreds of pets safely from one state to another, we offer a reliable, premium service. With sound processes and an enviable partner network, coupled with our understanding of every aspect of pet transportation, we are a solid choice for taking care of and flying your pet interstate.

Personalised Interstate Removals

Personalised & Tailored Interstate Pet Relocation

A personalised interstate pet transport service is one that considers your unique requirements and needs. We do so by asking the right questions, providing tailored advice and guiding you through each step of the pet transportation journey to ensure your precious pet feels comfortable before, during and after the relocation. 

Happy Interstate Removal Clients

Glowing Pet Transport Customer Reviews

Judging a business based on what they say they do, is never a good idea. However, you can learn a lot about us by viewing what our valued customer say. We encourage you to view our 74+ five star reviews on Google to learn more abut us.

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Full-Service Relocation Company

Interstate pet transport forms part of our overall Australian relocation service. We are equipped to offer the full service, from interstate furniture relocation to removals and storage and interstate car transport, we've got you covered.