The Best Way to Pack Wall Art for Moving

family moving artwork

When you are moving, one of the things that you have to worry about is your wall art. You don’t want to damage those expensive masterpieces while they are being transported; you also want to make sure they are packed securely so they don’t get damaged in transit. This blog post will discuss the best…

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The Stress of Moving House: 8 Effective Ways To Handle It

couple stressed from moving house

The stress of moving house can be a nightmare, especially when you are moving delicate things like plants when moving house and owning fairly big possessions such as a boat or a caravan. And it is no wonder why such an extensive process stresses Australians. However, the reality is that there are many steps one…

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How to Move Interstate in Australia – Definitive Guide

family of three getting ready to move interstate

Streamline your interstate move in Australia easily by following our simple and easy-to-follow guide on how to move interstate in Australia. In addition to packing, insurance, and moving trucks, consider end-of-lease cleaning, changing over utility providers to the new location, organising short-term storage if needed and more. Plan now to make things simple later. From…

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Disassembling Furniture For Moving: Top Tips

Disassemble Furniture When Moving

When moving house, furniture disassembly and furniture removals can be tedious. Not only do you have to carry all your furniture out of the old house, but you also have to take apart furniture for easy transportation carefully. This guide is aimed at helping readers effectively prepare furniture for house removals. We’ll guide you on…

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Moving Furniture Interstate – A Comprehensive Guide

Moving Furniture Interstate - Guide

When moving interstate in Australia, among your foremost concerns would probably be figuring out the best way to move from one state to another – safe pet transport, interstate vehicle transport and all. You’ll also be mulling over moving furniture interstate safely during your long-distance relocation. How to move interstate without a hitch? While there…

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Your Handy Guide to Moving With Plants

moving house with plants

In general, moving with plants is pretty simple and straightforward when it comes to short-distance or intrastate relocation. However, transporting plants interstate is a different matter altogether. Either way, transporting plants requires planning and preparation, just like the other items your moving Here, we’ll share some useful tips to make the moving process with plants…

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Moving with Cats: Your Practical Guide

cat in a moving box preparing to move.

Moving house is stressful for homeowners, let alone for your little furry friend. Moving with cats can be a tad challenging because of several reasons. Most cats are anxious and shy. They don’t like change or new environments. Moving cats from their sanctuary to a whole new environment can be a traumatising experience if done…

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Moving Car Interstate: What You Need to Consider

Moving Car Interstate - What to Consider

The thought of moving a car interstate even during the pandemic is nothing new. In fact, with people’s yearlong (or more) experience of working from home, a lot of Australians have realised that they can have their pick of urban or regional Australia. Some have opted to move to the city, whilst others have gone…

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How to Pack and Move Books: Your Ultimate Guide

How to Pack Books for Moving

If you’re a certified bibliophile, getting ready for a move – especially interstate or overseas – is no cakewalk. Even if you’re just moving neighbourhoods in the same city or state, the thought of losing some of your beloved books or getting them torn, misshapen or mangled in the process would be a nightmare. And since…

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Change of Address Checklist

Change of Address Checklist - moving house address change checklist

The thought of moving elsewhere can be exciting, but there are a million things to do before you can call your new place your ‘home sweet home’. Aside from planning your move months ahead of your relocation date, you need to go over the fine points of your moving to-do list and ensure you’ve got everything…

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