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Our experience in international removals makes the difference between a seamless and a stressful move. Trust our international moving experts.

Moving overseas is not a decision anyone takes lightly. It comes with many emotions and mixed feelings. Everyone is different, you might go through joyful anticipation or you could have early regrets, or some people feel homesick after moving.

International Removals

We aren’t psychologists, but we have a very specific set of skills that make us very helpful in the process of moving overseas. There are hundreds of aspects you need to think of when moving a whole household or personal effects across borders. Our team of vetted international removal experts are there to assist you with planning, packing and cleaning, right through to safely sending your belongings to the destination by air or by sea.

Whether you are moving to New Zealand from Australia or the UK from Australia, we plan your move very carefully and are able to offer the full service, including but not limited to packing, cleaning, moving fragile goods, moving heavy items, transporting your car and pets, organising storage, arranging air or sea freight and working with our international partners to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

Moving overseas made simple... We're all about customer service excellence. 

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Personalised International Furniture Removals

Relocations WA is the go-to choice for anyone looking for international removals with a trusted international moving company. We have more than 55 years of experience in overseas removals to and from Australia. What truly sets our overseas removalists apart from other movers, is the personalisation of our unique service offering.

International Moving

International Relocation

We have and always will be specialised in long-distance moves. Whether you're moving interstate or overseas, to and from Western Australia, our removal experts have you covered with 100% customer satisfaction. 

As a boutique provider of international moving services, we are very customer oriented. Our mission is to offer the most seamless overseas moving experience possible. Our international removalist team equipped to facilitate all facets of an international move. We ensure that you have a seamless and smooth transition into your new home and make the safety of your effects our highest priority. 


Personalised International Relocation

Personalised International Relocation

Short Term and Long Term Interstate Removal Storage Perth

Detailed Planning of Your Move

International Removal Partner Network

Coordination with International Partners

Top Removal Service

International Shipment Tracking


Affordable Overseas Moving Prices

Lorette Spicer, Happy Relocations WA Client

"I cannot say enough about the positive experience with Relocations W.A. The thought of the moving process from America was for me quite overwhelming. Fortunately I was given the name and contact number of Steve Blackwall of Relocations W.A.
From my first contact with Steve to the very end I felt there was nothing too minor in my concerns or questions that Steve didn’t come back to me with answers straight away."

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All Your International Removal Needs Taken Care Off

From first contact, to getting a quote, addressing any concerns you might have and moving overseas, we are here to assist you throughout the entire moving journey. We're only one phone call or email away!

With an optional and complete door-to-door service, we can take care of packing your items and delivering your treasures to the storage facility.


Taking Care of All Your International Moving Needs

"Relocations WA was the only company to reply to me promptly. I did not have much time to organise my relocation and they helped me straight away. All my stuff arrived without a single damage, including the redbull that I was not allowed to get back :-)"

Andre Vieira - Happy Relocations WA Client

Optional International Removal Services

   Storage Solutions

As part of our top notch international furniture removal service we also offer short and long-term storage services for people who plan to return to Australia.

Our storage services are tailored to your needs. We offer:

  • Containerised Storage in 24/7 secure and monitored yard area, or;
  • Self-storage units that allow you to store your belongings in a clean, climate-controlled, readily-accessible storage facility.

Storage is definitely a viable solution for people who prefer not to move all their belongings overseas. It can make your life easier to leave certain things behind in secure storage while you are overseas for a specified period.

Removals and Storage Services

   Packing & Loading

Packing ones belongings safely requires more planning than you might expect (especially for international removals!). Questions, such as "how to pack for your move" in an effective, efficient and safe way suddenly become very relevant to your situation. 

Many of our customers find it easier to leave all the heavy lifting and packing to our professionals. We not only supply strong and durable packing material, but we also wrap up individual items to ensure the safety of your belongings during international transit. 

➜ Learn more about our Packing Services

   Removal Insurance

We have partnered with a the best Transit Insurance Brokers who offer the most competitive rates for your international move. Having collaborated with them for a very long time, we are 100% confident to provide the best coverage for your overseas move. 

Please don't hesitate to speak to one of our international removalist experts to discuss your specific coverage requirements and to get  quote. 

➜ Learn more about Transit Removal Insurance

   Pet Relocation

Relocations WA offers a safe and seamless pet transport service for international and interstate relocations. Rest assured that the well-being of your beloved pet is our highest priority. Our international removalist team will take care of everything, including but not limited to flight bookings, vaccinations, and health checks.

Our international pet moving service includes:

  • Preparing your pet for the journey and organising all necessary documents, such as vaccinations, pet registration and health checks.
  • Booking the best flight to your international moving destination
  • Preparation of itinerary details
  • Ensuring that your pet is comfortable during transit

➜ Learn more about our pet transport service

   Vehicle Transport

Moving a car to and from Australia is not necessarily cheap, but having to buy it again at your destination isn't either. There are obvious reasons why someone wants to ship their car, motorbike or any other vehicle overseas, be it for personal reasons or to maximise cost efficiency and convenience. 

Relocations WA helps you organise your entire car transport. Our international moving company can help you with:

  • Preparation of necessary documents
  • Advice on getting your car ready for the overseas move
  • Insurance quotes
  • Bookings and arrangement of car transport

➜ Learn more about our Vehicle Transport services

Popular International International Moving Destinations

While no destination for international moves is too far away or too challenging for us, most people we assist choose to move between Australia and the UK or between Australia and New Zealand.

United Kingdom

Western Australia ↔ United Kindom

We have assisted numerous clients with their move to and from the United Kingdom. If you choose to move to England from Australia (or vice versa), you can count on us for a tailored, personalised and seamless overseas move. 

Moving between Australia - United Kingdom

New Zealand

Western Australia ↔ New Zealand

We regularly assist individuals and families with moving between Australia and New Zealand. The extremely positive feedback we receive from all our clients speaks volumes and confirms that we're doing our job in a satisfactory way. 

Moving between Australia - New Zealand

Regardless of what your overseas destination will be, Relocations WA is there to assist you with your international relocation.

Container Sizes for International Relocation

Most international moves are facilitated by means of shipping containers. These can be delivered to your door for self-packing or we can do it all for you. Our international moving team will take care of everything, including preparation of documents, customs clearance and everything else involved with your overseas relocation.

We offer two container sizes:

Shipping Container Storage Perth

20ft Container

A 20ft shipping container has a total load capacity of 33 cubic meters (cbm). To give you an idea of space needed, a 20ft container can normally fit the contents of a medium-to-lightly furnished three-bedroom dwelling.

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Shipping Container Storage Perth

40ft Container

A 40ft shipping container has a total load capacity of 67 cubic meters (cbm). The size of a 40ft container is typically more suitable for heavily furnished 3-4 bedroom dwellings or if you have oddly shaped and oversized items in your contents. 

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If you are unsure of what container size is needed for your overseas move, there is of course no need to worry. Our team will not only assist you with container size, but we're also happy to resolve any unanswered questions relating to your relocation.

Moving Overseas FAQ

Having conducted many successful international moves, we are aware of the most frequently asked questions. Obviously, every international move is different and unique, so please don't shy away from reaching out to us if any of your burning questions are left unanswered here.

How to move overseas from Australia? Where to start?

Moving overseas needs to be planned and organised carefully. Here are some very important pointers of how to move overseas from Australia:

  • Ensure that you are sufficiently vaccinated for Covid-19. Visit the Services Australia website to learn more. Also ensure to research Covid related rules of the destination country to avoid issues with your entry.
  • Prepare all other documents (passports, visas, birth certificates, etc...)
  • Inform all service providers of your move

The list goes on and there is a lot more you need to consider. Therefore you might find our Moving Overseas Checklist useful.

One of the very important things you should do a fair bit in advance, is to get a quote from a suitable relocation provider, like Relocations WA. 

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How much does it cost to move overseas?

Regardless of your destination, moving your belongings overseas doesn't exactly come cheap. On average, it could cost you anywhere between $6,000 - $28,000. Of course the cost depends on many factors, such as...

  • Your destination
  • Volume of contents
  • Insurance costs
  • Flights & Visa costs
  • Storage and other additional services like pet transport, packing, etc....

➜ Find out more about international removal prices

What Covid-19 restrictions apply when moving overseas?

The unfortunate situation with Covid-19 made travelling moving across borders more complicated. The rules of many countries are similar, but my differ slightly depending on your destination and local laws. It's therefore vital that you research all applicable directives, including quarantine rules.

Here are some useful resources from the Australian Government:

How do you ensure the safety of my personal effects?

Our international removalists are highly experienced and our international moving partners are hand selected. We always endeavour to protect your belongings as best as we can. 

Despite of all this, it's always better to be safe than sorry. We highly recommend to all our international moving clients to get moving transit insurance with adequate coverage. 

➜ Learn more about Transit Removal Insurance

Secondly, the packing of your belongings is vital to protect them from possible damage. If you make use of Relocations WA's packing service, we use high quality packing materials and wrap everything up for maximum protection. 

➜ Learn more about our Packing Services

How to keep your Australian mobile number when moving overseas?

If you are moving overseas for a set period, for example 1-3 years, the best way to keep your Australian mobile number is to switch to a prepaid sim card. A lot of different providers offer what's called "Long-life" 365 days prepaid mobile plans. 

➜ View comparison of long-life prepaid plans from different providers


How to move money overseas?

Using banks for international money transfers is not always the best options. In fact there are plenty of options and providers that can offer a much more cost effective solution compared to banks. 

Relocations WA have partnered with multi-award winning international payment specialists SendFX, who specialise in large volume transactions as a cost saving alternative to the banks.

➜ Learn more about Cost Effective Money Transfers

What happens to my super if I move overseas?

What happens to your super if you move overseas depends on the status of your residency. 

Australian Citizens & Permanent Residents:

Your super typically remains in Australia and continues to be subject to the usual superannuation rules when moving overseas. 

Temporary Visa Holders Leaving Australia:

Superannuation accruals can be paid out to you if you are a temporary visa holder. 

Find more info about the application for a Departing Australia Superannuation Payment from a super fund or retirement savings account. 

Do you have more questions regarding your overseas move?

Why Choose our International Moving Company?

A lot of our clients choose us because of our reputation as a reliable international moving company, but there is more....

Trusted Interstate Relocation Services

55+ Years International Moving Experience

Organising and successfully carrying out an international move is much more complicated than a simple local move from one suburb to the next. The knowledge of every aspect of international removals is not something that can be acquired by reading a text book. It is something that is accumulated throughout ones professional career. Is more than 55 years enough? We let you decide...

Personalised Interstate Removals

Personalised & Tailored International Removals

The benefits of personalising each and every international relocation is often reflected in the positive feedback we receive from our valued clients. We believe that tailoring a service to someone's unique needs, is key to achieve a seamless move, but more importantly it contributes to our mission of 100% customer satisfaction. 

Happy Interstate Removal Clients

66 Five Star Google Reviews

The proof is in the pudding, so they say.... With currently 66+ five star reviews under our belt, we build on our reputation of a trusted international removal company. This doesn't mean we are flawless, but we never rest on our laurels and we always strive to better our services. 

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The safety of ones belongings during an international move is always a sticky point for many people who had bad experiences in the past. We can confidently say that we take the utmost care when it comes to our clients' treasures.