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In recent years, an increasing number of Australians have chosen to pack up their belongings and make the journey across the world to start their lives anew in a different country. For some, the United Kingdom comes as a natural choice.

For people moving to the UK from Australia, several key factors appear to be at play, including career opportunities, educational pursuits, and a desire for new cultural experiences.


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Why People Are Moving to the UK From Australia?

For some Australians moving to the UK, the latter offers a wealth of career opportunities for skilled professionals from various sectors. And with the City of London being a global financial hub, professionals in the finance, technology, and consulting industries are particularly drawn to the UK.

Also, the UK’s world-famous creative industries, including fashion, arts, and media, attract talented individuals moving to the UK and eager to make their mark on the global stage. Consequently, many people moving from Australia to the UK are enticed by the prospect of pursuing their dreams in a thriving international job market.

The country’s prestigious educational institutions also play a significant role in drawing people to move from Australia to the UK. The University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and the London School of Economics all offer unparalleled academic experiences, world-class research facilities, and networks that can bolster the careers of students and academics alike.

It’s no wonder the allure of these esteemed institutions has led many Australians to pursue their studies in the UK, with the hope of reaping the benefits of a well-regarded British education.

Moving from Australia to UK

Of course, the rich history and unique cultural landscape of the UK have long captivated the imaginations of Australians. The country’s diverse regions, each steeped in centuries of tradition, offer a stark contrast to Australia’s relatively young history.

The prospect of immersing oneself in this melting pot of cultures, from the quaint charm of English villages to the vibrant streets of London, has long proven irresistible to individuals moving to England from Australia seeking new experiences.

How to Move to the UK from Australia?

When Australians decide to move to the United Kingdom, one of the key logistical challenges they face is the transportation of their household items. In deciding on how to move to the UK from Australia, your key considerations would include how much you own or your household size and budget.

The two primary methods of transporting belongings internationally are air freight and sea freight, with each offering its unique set of advantages and drawbacks.

Air Freight

When it comes to planning one’s move to the UK from Australia, air freight is easily the fastest mode of transporting household items. This option is particularly beneficial if you need your belongings to arrive quickly.

However, air freight is also the more expensive option, with costs determined by the weight and volume of your shipment. Additionally, due to space constraints in aircraft cargo holds, there may be limitations on the size and types of items that can be transported. This is why air freight is best suited for smaller shipments or if you prioritise speed over cost.

Sea Freight

To make your move as seamless as possible, it’s best to partner with an experienced international moving company like Relocations WA.

We can provide guidance and assistance in coordinating the logistics of your move to the UK.

How Much Does It Cost to Move to the UK?

The cost of moving to the UK from Australia depends on various factors, such as the volume and weight of the items being shipped, the mode of transportation (air or sea freight), and additional services like packing, storage, and insurance.

To give you a fair idea of how much your move will cost, here are some estimates based on international removals price data:

(All Prices Quoted Do Not Include Goods & Services Tax or GST)


Number of Bedrooms

Estimated Cost of Move to the UK

1 Bedroom $5,000 - $7,500
2 Bedrooms $7,000 - $10,000
3 Bedrooms $12,000 - $17,000
4 Bedrooms $13,500 - $18,000
5 Bedrooms $19,000 - $26,000


The above shipping rate estimates don’t include the cost of additional services like:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Temporary storage
  • Insurance coverage

These estimates should be considered as rough guidelines only, so expect actual costs to vary.

Disclaimer: The costs stated in this guide are in Australian dollars (unless otherwise indicated) and are indicative only, reflecting industry pricing. Please keep in mind that moving rates are highly variable, and the prices quoted here should serve as a guide only or as a general basis for your research.

Checklist for Moving to the UK

Planning your UK relocation entails knowing all your moving-to-UK-from-Australia requirements, such as documentation, storage, your moving task schedule and so on. This is why using a checklist for moving to the UK makes total sense.

Your moving-from-Australia-to-UK checklist will serve as your blueprint for the processes or steps and items you need to stay on top of and to handle the stress of moving.

In organising your move to UK, make sure you identify all possible tasks that need to be accomplished, including:

  • Decluttering and sorting possessions
  • Cleaning, packing and labelling of items to be shipped
  • Cancelling or rerouting subscriptions
  • Cancelling memberships in local clubs or organisations
  • Updating financial and medical documents
  • Notifying service providers

Take time to sit down and make a note of all the things you need to do for a smooth and organised move. Don’t be afraid to delegate if there are people available to help.

Apart from the aforementioned points, remember to exchange your currency to Pounds for immediate use upon arrival.

If you're currently renting, make sure to arrange for end-of-lease cleaning. If you're planning to rent out your own house during your time abroad, organise a thorough cleaning.

For your convenience, download our exhaustive checklist for international relocations. This ensures that no task or detail is overlooked.

Transporting Furniture, Vehicles & Pets from Australia to the UK: Norms and Regulations

Understanding the intricacies of transporting vehicles and pets from Australia to the UK can be challenging. This section is designed to demystify the key steps and regulations, aiming to facilitate a smooth transition during your move.

Moving furniture from Australia to the UK requires careful planning. Some key factors to take into account when preparing for the relocation of your furniture when moving to England or any other part of the UK:

  • Volume and weight of furniture
  • Shipping method (air or sea freight)
  • Disassembly and packing
  • Customs regulations and any required paperwork
  • Quarantine and fumigation requirements for wooden items
  • Insurance coverage for protection against potential damage or loss
  • Transport within the UK
  • Budget
  • Timeline

By carefully considering the above factors and planning accordingly, you can help ensure a successful and stress-free relocation of your furniture from Australia to the UK.

Living and Working in the United Kingdom

Living and working in the UK offers a unique experience compared to Australia, as there are distinct differences in the population, weather, political landscape, culture and so on.

To give you an overview of what to expect when you move to the UK, here are some quick facts:

  • Population: The UK has a much higher population density than Australia, with over 68 million people residing in an area of about 243,610 square kilometres.
  • Weather: UK weather is described as a temperate maritime climate, characterised by mild temperatures, frequent rainfall, and relatively small seasonal variations. Winters are generally cool and wet, while summers are mild and can be moderately warm.
  • Politics: The UK has a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, with the monarch as the head of state and a prime minister leading the government. The parliament comprises two houses: the House of Commons, with members elected by the public, and the House of Lords, with appointed, hereditary, and religious members. The main political parties here are the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, and the Liberal Democrats.
  • Culture: UK culture is a rich amalgamation of diverse traditions, reflecting the nation’s historical influence and global connections. Rooted in ancient Celtic, Roman, and Anglo-Saxon heritage, it has been shaped by centuries of monarchy, maritime power, and industrial revolution. The UK is known for its iconic landmarks, and love for tea, football, and pub culture. The UK also boasts a thriving arts scene and a multicultural atmosphere.

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