Your Comprehensive International Removal Cost Guide

The prospect of moving overseas – whether it be to Europe, America, Asia or elsewhere – could be pretty exciting. After all, there’s nothing like starting fresh somewhere you’ve never been to – or if you have, it could be a place you’ve only ever visited as a tourist or guest. Also, getting to know a different country, discovering new ways of living (culture) and meeting new people are adventures in and of themselves.

International Removals Prices - Guide

However, whether you’re relocating internationally for work, education or another reason temporarily or permanently, alone or with your family, it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with international removals prices.

While the last few months before your international move from Australia would probably be spent on packing, finalising logistical arrangements and a lot of paperwork, you need to prepare for the cost of moving abroad first.

After all, you would want to keep your stress to a minimum during this very busy period. One way of doing this is by staying on top of shipping costs when moving overseas. And to make this step a little easier for you, we’ve put together this guide to average international moving costs.


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Disclaimer: All costs stated in this guide are in Australian dollars (unless otherwise indicated) and are indicative only, reflecting industry pricing. The average costs presented do not necessarily represent Relocations WA’s own pricing scheme. Costs can change frequently depending on many factors, such as the time of year you are booking the services of your chosen removalist, the amount of possessions you wish to move, your destination country, etc.

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How Much Does It Cost to Move Overseas?

When your move abroad is imminent, one of your first few questions will likely be: How much money do I need to move overseas? How much does it cost to move furniture overseas? How much does an international move cost?

Calculating how much you’ll spend is no simple matter as the cost of moving abroad from Australia depends on a variety of factors, such as:

  • Where you are moving to
  • When you plan to move (peak or off-season)
  • How much of your possessions you want to move
  • Whether you are moving with pets
  • Whether you’ll be moving your things by sea or air
  • Whether you’ll need temporary accommodation
  • Whether you’ll be using temporary storage facilities in your host country

For example, the overall average international cost of moving the contents of a 3-bedroom home when moving from Australia to the United Kingdom can range between $5,000 and $8,500 (excludes goods and services tax or GST). This ballpark estimate involves moving the furnishings and belongings of a 3-bedroom dwelling valued at around $75,000* from port to port or by sea. This estimate does not include your airfare, immigration fees and the cost of related paperwork, pet boarding and relocation, labour, etc.

Also, the cost of moving abroad could also be less if you decide to sell off or give away a large portion of your possessions, whether it be certain household furnishings and appliances, clothes, hobby items, etc.

Our reason for using a 3-bedroom as a basis is because according to the latest data published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, the average number of people per household in the country is 2.6.

Of course, you may be living alone or have more family members moving with you. Whichever scenario applies to you; you’ll need to get reliable international moving quotes. This way, you can prepare financially, well ahead of your moving date.

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How Are International Removalist Costs Calculated?

Each move is unique, so how much a family member or friend may have spent on their international move might not necessarily apply to you – even if you have similar homes or the same number of family members.

This means that the average international moving costs for your particular move will have to be calculated individually. This is where using a reliable and updated international moving costs calculator comes in handy.

Of course, aside from using an international moving cost estimate calculator, you could also ask for quotes directly from your prospective international removalists. Just make sure you inquire months ahead of your move, so you have ample time to prepare financially and make a moving checklist to reduce the stress of moving abroad. Alternatively, you can also use our own ready-made list.

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International Moving Cost Breakdown

Some of the factors that would affect international removals prices include:


  • Volume of belongings or household size (whichever applies): How much of your possessions will you be taking with you to your host country? The more items you’ll be moving, the higher the cost. Also, will you be moving a vehicle overseas, too? Depending on the size and weight of your vehicle, the international auto shipping method, the distance to the destination country, and the necessary foreign customs taxes and levies, vehicle shipping expenses can range from $700 to $4,000 or more.


  • Destination country: The country you are moving to will determine the relocation distance and cost, so it’s an important factor that’ll figure in determining international removals prices. For example, you’d expect it to be cheaper to move to Singapore in Asia than, say, France in Europe.


  • Mode of transport (sea or air): Moving your possessions by sea would be cheaper than by air. If you’re moving the contents of a 20-foot container to the UK, for example, the cost would be around $3,000. For a 40-foot container to the same destination, the cost would be approximately $4,500. If you opt for air freight, you can save time as the move will be faster; however, you also need to prepare for the high cost. Besides, there are specific requirements for air cargo. For example, individual cartons shouldn’t weigh more than a hundred pounds (45.3kg), and the exterior dimension of each box shouldn’t exceed 90 inches (228.6cm).


  • The time of year: Removalists are usually really busy from December to January and the next few months after summer, so expect rates to be higher during peak season. Since some companies don’t operate during holidays, moving on such dates could also prove costlier. At any rate, it’s ideal to book removal services months before your planned move to get the best price for your international move.


  • Add-on Services: moving insurance, packing services, storage, cleaning, rubbish removal, pet boarding & transportation, are optional services which incur additional expenses. The cost of all of these services are explained further below.


As you can see, there are so many factors that can impact the final cost of your move abroad. So give yourself enough lead time to make the necessary calculations and plan your international relocation in detail.

Moving Overseas Shipping Costs by Destination

Although international moving costs averages certainly vary as each moving situation is different, you might want to have an idea of overseas shipping costs based on the destination.

Below is a simple table outlining how much it would cost on average to move goods that fit in a 20-foot container from Australia to specific international destinations (port-to-port) from Fremantle, WA.

Moving Destination Cost Range (AUD)
Canada (Montréal)$4,200 - $4,400
Canada (Vancouver)$1,300 - $1,650
China (Shanghai)$1,150- $1,300
France (Marseilles)$3,100 - $3,500
Italy (Venice)$3,000 - $3,400
Japan (Tokyo)$1,280 - $1,400
New Zealand (Auckland)$850 - $1,000
Singapore$1,050 - $1,150
United Kingdom (London)$3,800 - $4,300
USA (Los Angeles)$1,300 - $1,650
USA (New York)$3,900 - $4,200

The prices stated above are based on data provided by Prices only include port-to-port transportation from Fremantle, WA to your selected destination and the calculation is based on the contents of a three-bedroom dwelling. Removalist services are not included in those prices!

Again, these prices are general and are industry-based, so keep this in mind when creating a budget for your international move.

International Removal Prices Examples by Number of Bedrooms

Choose from the following bedroom sizes to get typical estimates updated for this year to get an idea of the estimated cost of moving between UK and Australia as well as between Australia and New Zealand (see tabs).

Australia – United Kingdom

Here are some examples of average international moving cost ranges by number of bedrooms when moving between Western Australia and UK.


1 Bedroom

The average international moving cost to UK for a 1-bedroom dwelling is between $5,000 and $7,500 (excludes GST)

2 Bedrooms

A good overseas moving cost to UK estimate for a 2-bedroom dwelling ranges between $7,000 and $10,000 (excludes GST)

3 Bedrooms

For this move to UK, a fair cost estimate for a 3-bedroom would cost anywhere between $12,500 and $17,000 (excludes GST)

4 Bedrooms

A move to UK from a 4-bedroom dwelling could cost an average of somewhere between $13,500 and $18,000 (excludes GST)

5 Bedrooms

The average cost of a move from Australia to UK from a 5-bedroom house could range between $19,000 and $26,000 (excludes GST)


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Australia - New Zealand

Other Overseas Moving Cost Considerations

Before you finalise your international moving cost calculations, you also need to take into consideration some often unexpected fees that can add to your overseas moving expenses.


Customs Duty for Moving Furniture Overseas

Whilst relocating to any country, it is critical to have all of the necessary paperwork for entry. Keep in mind that regulations, particularly duty tax amounts and percentages, vary frequently and could change without warning. Therefore, having a current list of documents, forms, and matching customs requirements provided by the destination agency and/or the country’s customs authorities is important. A copy of your passport and visa, an inventory of the goods being delivered, and country-specific importation paperwork are all common documentation requirements.

Note that some countries have customs duties even if you’re bringing in used furniture.

In general, however, household goods must be six months to a year old to be deemed duty exempt; otherwise, they may be subject to taxation.

Perth Storage and Removal Insurance

Visa Costs

Unlike tourist visas, getting a visa for a long-term stay can be more complicated. Depending on the visa you are applying for, you can expect to spend upwards of $5,000.

To save time and reduce stress, you could look into hiring a migration agent who’s well-versed with all the requirements. Of course, if you take this route, you should also prepare a budget for this service.

An initial consultation with a migration agent could cost you $100, whilst end-to-end assistance with sponsorship and visa application matters could set you back by about $2,500 or more per person.

Travelling Cost When Moving Overseas (One-Way Flight Tickets)

Travelling costs are not always the first thing you would consider in your overall calculation when moving overseas, however, it can definitely add quite a bit to your overall expenses.

In general, the earlier you book your flights, the cheaper it will be.

   Perth - UK

Travel Cost (Economy)

Perth – London, UK

Adult Ticket Cost: ~$595 to 1,484

1 Adult + Child (Up to 11 Years Old) Ticket Cost Per Passenger: ~$1,159 to 2,212

*Note: Flight costs change all the time, please do your own research online for accurate flight ticket prices. The ticket prices quoted also do not include visa-related and customs fees.

Check flight ticket prices flying from Perth to London

   Perth - New Zealand

Travel Cost (Economy)

Perth – Auckland, New Zealand

Adult Ticket Cost: ~$479

1 Adult + Child (Up to 11 Years Old) Ticket Cost Per Passenger: ~$479

*Note: Flight costs change all the time, please do your own research online for accurate flight ticket prices. The ticket prices quoted also do not include visa-related and customs fees.

Check flight ticket prices flying from Perth to Auckland

Costs of Optional International Removal Services

The below list gives you an indication of costs for optional overseas moving services.

Storage Cost When Moving Interstate or International

Storage Costs

Storage can be very useful if you are moving overseas for a set period of time and you don't want to bring all your belongings with you.

It helps to get your head around storage prices before you ask for quotes. There are several storage options available, for example container storage or self storage units. For 12 month container storage in Australia, you could be looking at around $70 per month. Self storage units could cost you anywhere between $70-$400 per month, depending on the space required and length of storage services.

If you don’t want to have all of your goods delivered to your new house at the new destination right away, you’ll have to find a storage facility in the country you are moving to for this particular need. You can also ask us to help you find a suitable storage provider and we might even have local contacts. Don’t forget to get insurance for your peace of mind, too.

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Transit Insurance Cost When Moving Interstate or Overseas

International Moving Transit Insurance Costs

The cost of insuring your goods would depend on how much is being transported or the volume of the items, the shipping mode, route and distance.

Overseas moving transit insurance costs start from around $120.

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International Money Transfer Cost When Moving Overseas

International Money Transfer Fees

When making international money transfers, you will find the fees vary significantly as well as the exchange rates. Whilst using your local bank may be convenient, it could also be more expensive compared to other Money Transfer options. At Relocations WA, we have partnered with a reliable and cost effective international money transfer platform.

To ensure you don’t lose money, it’s best to do your research to ensure you’re not saving on fees at the expense of the exchange rate and vice versa.

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Packing Services Cost When Moving Interstate and International

Packing Services Cost

Relocations WA offer packing (and unpacking) services to their customers. The cost factors usually involve how much needs to be packed and how soon. You’ll also need to factor in any fragile, high-value or big-ticket items that require specialised packing materials.

To give you an idea of how much a box costs, a standard carton is priced at $22, a book carton at $6.50, and a porta robe at $24.00 per carton.

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Vacate Cleaning Cost When Moving Interstate or Overseas

Vacate Cleaning Prices

Cleaning costs vary depending on which services you want from your removalist. Normally you'll be provided with a cleaning checklist or an itemised list with options like vacuuming, mopping floors, sanitizing toilets and sinks, and organizing bedrooms.

On average, vacate cleaning costs can be between $200 - $1,000 (depending on the size of your dwelling).

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Pet Transport Cost When Moving Interstate or International

International Pet Transport Cost

If you have fur babies, you’ll want to take your pets with you – not unless you’re planning to get them rehomed or adopted. But if you’re taking them to your new place, you’ll need to arrange for their safe transportation to your new residence, either personally or through a removalist. You can of course ask us to provide pet transportation as part of your overseas relocation. In any case, pet shipping costs vary significantly depending on the services you need, like blood tests, collection from your Australia residence, microchipping, veterinary checks, flight bookings, import permits, government health certificates and approvals, etc. To answer the question ‘how much does it cost to ship a pet overseas’, you need to identify the services you need.

To give you an idea, a cat might cost you anywhere from $700 to $2,000 to transport overseas, while shipping a dog abroad can set you back by around $2,000 to $7,000.

The final cost would also depend on which country you’re taking your pet and might also include pet boarding should you need this additional service.

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