Perth Removals and Storage Services

We offer a bespoke and tailored removal and storage service. What sets us apart from other Perth interstate removalists is not only our knowledge and expertise, but also our in-house systems & processes developed over the years which allow us to offer a completely personalised and comprehensive relocation service.

Removals and Storage Perth

Relocations WA has built close relationships with carefully selected storage providers in Perth and Western Australia. These storage providers have been vetted and selected based on vital criteria to ensure the safety of your goods and belongings.

The storage partners we work with all provide 24/7 CCTV security, fire and other risk monitoring and strictly prohibit unauthorised public access.

The storage solutions we have available are flexible and can be short-term as temporary solution or long-term if you are moving overseas for an extended period and would like to store some of your belongings in a secure storage ready to be collected again upon your return.

Booking storage with us is as easy as 1,2,3... We're all about making it as simple as possible for you. 

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Attractive Perth Storage Solutions to Support Your Move

Our home removal and storage service comprises of two main options; containerised storage and storage units which includes a self-storage option. Both of our Perth removal and storage services are 100% secure with 24/7 CCTV surveillance and easy access.

Shipping Container Storage Perth

Container Storage

Our Perth storage container solution is ideal if you're going overseas or moving to another state temporarily. The shipping containers are safely stored in a purpose built yard area in Perth and can be accessed anytime. You can hire 10ft, 20ft & 40ft shipping containers for short-term and long-term storage. We can deliver the container to your house or you can pack it at our facility.

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Storage Units Perth

Storage Units

Self-storage units are perfect if you want to store your belongings in a clean, climate-controlled, readily-accessible environment. Whether you're after domestic or commercial storage rental options, we will provide you with a self-storage solution that suits your needs. We can offer storage with or without removal services, meaning loading/unloading services are optional. 

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What You Can Store with Relocations WA

Relocations WA is one of the leading Perth removal and storage providers. If you're asking what items we can store, well, pretty much everything and anything, but here are some of the most popular things clients want to store in our facilities.

Car Storage

Car Storage

Motorbike Storage

Motorbike Storage

Storage Perth for all Household Items

Furniture Storage

Want to learn about storage pricing in Australia?

➜ Read our detailed guide about Storage Cost

Personalised & Secure Storage and Removal Services

Whether you're looking for interstate removals and storage or moving overseas temporarily, Relocations WA offers personalised Perth storage solutions that support your move.

All Your Perth Removals and Storage Requirements Taken Care Off

We are a moving company with modern, personalised and competitively priced storage solutions. With an optional and complete door-to-door service, we can take care of packing your items and delivering your treasures to the storage facility. 

When to consider Perth storage services?

There are many situations in which storage is necessary, for instance:

  • You are down-sizing and your belongings don't fit into your new home or dwelling. 
  • You are working as FIFO in the mines.
  • Moving interstate or internationally for a period of time.
  • Renovation of your home.
  • Decluttering your home, but not ready to let go of your treasures.
  • Staging your home for sale.
  • Off-site business storage for inventory.

Whatever the occasion for your storage needs, we are a trusted removal and storage business with glowing reviews

Secure Storage Perth

Secure Storage with 24/7 Surveillance

Top Removal Service

Clean & Pest Free Storage Environment

Short Term and Long Term Interstate Removal Storage Perth

Short & Long-Term Storage Options


Affordable Storage Solutions

Storage Loading and Unloading Services

Loading/Unloading & Removal Services

Storage Perth for all Household Items

Suitable for All Household Items

Perth Storage and Removal Insurance

Removal and Storage Insurance Available

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on our experienced and long history of providing storage and removal services, we know what your most burning questions are. Get some insights below and feel free to reach out if we didn't cover something you are unsure about.

How much does storage cost in Perth?

Storage costs in Perth depend on a number of factors, such as the type of storage.

Shipping container hire prices are generally lower than than self-storage in Perth - especially for long-term storage. Costs for shipping container hire start from $180 for two months. Long-term storage rates for Perth container storage is heavily discounted. For example, for 12 months, the cost can be as low as $70 per month. 

Self-storage units start from $72 per month for a medium-sized unit (2.4m x 1.8m x 2.4m) and it can go right up to around $400 per month for extra large units (6m x 4.5m).  

Other factors affecting the cost of storage, include the duration, special requirements like temperature-control and storage insurance.

The best way to get an accurate price for your Perth storage needs, is to get in touch for a quote

What household items need climate controlled storage?

There are a number of household items that are affected by humidity and extreme heat. 

  • Wooden furniture: Humidity attracts mould and can cause the wood to deform. 
  • Candles: Made of wax, candles will melt under extreme heat.
  • Fine Art & Paintings: Humidity causes a chemical reaction that causes fading and corrosion on metal frames.
  • Metal: High humidity can cause corrosion and rust.
  • Electronics: The inner workings of electronic devices can cause irreparable technical issues. 

Other items that need a temperature controlled storage environment, include DVDs, Vinyl Records, Photos, Books, Musical Instruments, Cosmetics and Medical supplies.

How do you ensure the safety of my belongings?

All our Perth storage solutions offer unrivalled safety and uncompromised security. Whether you opt for containerised storage or a self-storage unit, both options have security measures in place to avoid theft and damage of your belongings. These measures typically include: 

  • 24/7 CCTV surveillance
  • No access to unauthorised people
  • Security fence around the premises
  • Dedicated security staff
  • Secure storage facility locks
Who is authorised to access my storage besides me?

The storage agreement typically authorises one or maximum two people to sign the contract which means only you and/or your nominated second party to the contract have access to the storage unit/container. 

However, you could technically hand your key and access code to a third party. While we recommend not sharing access with anyone else,  it's in your discretion to do so. It's very important that you only do so with people you trust 100%.

How long can you keep furniture in storage?

This question is standard for our moving and storing service. The quick answer, is for as long ask you like. We offer short-term and long-term storage solcutions.

When storing furniture, ensuring your items are protected is the most crucial factor for ensuring their longevity. But there's no single answer as to how long you can keep them stored - this will depend on regular maintenance and your furniture's quality.

The following are the best practices to keep your furniture in storage for as long as you desire:

  • The proper preservation techniques will ensure your items stay in good condition for years.
  • There are many ways to store your furniture long-term, but the best is climate control storage. It will help prevent warping and drying out of fabric over time so you can enjoy it for years without worrying about bugs or other pests getting into its vulnerable spots.
  • Laying thick plastic sheeting on the floor before placing furniture in storage space to prevent moisture from seeping through and ruining valuable items.
How to prepare furniture for storage?

When it’s time to prep your beloved furniture for moving companies with storage – taking the necessary steps before moving will ensure they remain in prime condition.

Follow our tips and let our professional movers take care of the rest.

  • Clean the items
  • Disassemble Larger Pieces
  • Line The Floor
  • Position The Pieces Correctly
  • Stack The Furniture Properly
  • Organising The Storage Unit Strategically
  • Leave Space Between The Items
  • Avoid Pests

Note when disassembling: Keep all the screws and bolts in one container and label it. Then store them with their corresponding furniture so they are easy to put back together later.

These storage tips will help you safely store your furniture and enjoy peace of mind that all is well once it's time to retrieve items. If you have any other questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us at Relocations WA for professional advice and proper guidance.

How to protect furniture in storage?

The best way to protect your furniture from dust and moisture is by using loose blankets, old sheets, or soft fabric coverings that are ideal for wrapping all items. 

However, using thick plastic wrap may seal any traces of water, creating condensation, which can lead to long-term problems like mould & mildew and swelling up due to excess cotton inside these covers. 

In addition, thick plastic wraps may be less effective at protecting against dirt intrusion, so be sure you know what type will work before buying one. Here are other things interstate removals and storage companies can do to protect your furniture in storage.

  • Provide climate-controlled storage.
  • Place pallets on the floor to prevent your furniture from touching the ground, making it safe from any residue or wet components that can build over time.
  • Clean your furniture before storing it.
How to wrap furniture for long term storage?

Here is a step-by-step guide to packing and wrapping your furniture:

  • Clean your dry furniture
  • Prepare them carefully
  • For massive tables, disassemble them if possible
  • Choose the proper sizes of boxes for your furniture
  • Place the heavier one on the bottom and the lighter at the top
  • Don't leave any spaces to avoid damage
  • Do not mix furniture from different rooms into the same box
  • Label the boxes' contents
  • Wrap
  • With precision and careful instruction, transfer your furniture to the truck
  • Load and store your furniture intelligently

We are going to take care of your furniture, no problem. Contact us today, and we will give you the moving and storage quote.

Packaging Fragile Pieces

When packing fragile pieces such as glass tabletops, mirrors, and metal furniture, use packaging paper for the first layer of protection. Don't stick tape directly on top since this can leave unwanted stains that might etch your product over time. Then, add bubble wrap and more robust material like cardboard boxes if necessary.

Why Choose Relocations WA for Perth removals and storage needs?

Our point of differentiation is that we offer a very personalised interstate removals and storage service. What that means, is that we tailor the service to your unique needs. As a full-service moving company with storage capabilities, we can help you with everything from cleaning, packing, car-transport, insurance, etc....

If you would like to discuss your relocation and storage needs, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Trusted Interstate Relocation Services

55+ Years Moving & Storage Experience

Our managing director, Steve Blackwell, has worked for some of the largest relocation companies in Australia before he formed Relocations WA. He intricately knows every step of the moving and storage process. His main strengths lie in pulling-the right strings at the right time with the right partners in order to facilitate a worry-free moving experience to all our customers.

Personalised Interstate Removals

Personalised & Tailored Removals and Storage

At Relocations WA, we use a consultative approach and we don't shy away from explaining everything to you in detail. You will be dealing with a friendly relocation and storage expert who will advise you of the entire process, additional options, costs and much more. At the end of the day, we give you a highly personalised service that you won't find anywhere else. 

Happy Interstate Removal Clients

66 Five Star Google Reviews

We believe that reviews are great way to judge a company's services and we encourage you to look through some of the feedback we get on our Google profile. Currently there are 66+ five star reviews and counting. 

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Full-Service Relocation Offer

If you just need storage and no other services, we recommend to deal with a storage provider directly. However, if you are moving house or need help in moving your belongings to and from a storage facility and would like to take a hands-off approach, we're there to assist you with your move and storage requirements.